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The Fastest Hard Money Lender In Arizona
Phoenix Hard Money Loans In As Little As 1 Hour

Get a faster YES on your request, Get a hard money loan for LESS money down. We are the BEST hard money lender in Arizona.

Less Up Front, More For Your Flips With The Fastest Hard Money Lenders In Phoenix

Every second spent waiting means time and money wasted that could be spent on your flips. Traditional lenders waste your time and money with long approvals and high upfront fees. As the fastest hard money lenders in Phoenix, we have the shortest approval times, and the lowest hard money down payments in Arizona…period. Spend less time waiting and more on making a profitable investment. Get fast answers to make the most of your time and money!

Make Smarter Real Estate Investments Using Hard Money Loans Arizona

Get a faster yes, with down payments for less! We have the best hard money loans in Scottsdale and offer more money for more deals. While lots of hard money lenders claim to be fast, as real estate investors, Prime Plus Mortgages knows that speed can make or break your investments. With faster funding, and less down you will save time and money, and start flipping faster, thanks to the fastest private lender in Phoenix!

Stop Wasting Time

Get Approved For A Hard Money Loan In 1 Hour Or Less.

Spend Less Money

No Costly Upfront Fees That Eat Away At Your Profits.

Make More Money

Make Better Real Estate Investments With Higher Profits With Less Down And Fast Flips.

Phoenix Hard Money Loans For Any Investment

Arizona Hard Money Lenders Who Understand Real Estate Investing

As real estate investors, we know how important your time and money is for your investments.


Funded over $250 million for real estate properties


Providing over 1000 hard money loans for real estate investors in Arizona


Offering asset-based flip loans for faster real estate investing

How To Get Your Hard Money Loans Phoenix

1. Apply

1. Apply

Apply for your hard money loans in Arizona

2. Get Approved

2. Get Approved

Get approved for your hard money loan in 1 hour

3. Get Your Funds

3. Get Your Funds

Get your funds to flip/rent your investment

Stop Rushing To Find Funds For Your Investment With The Best Private Money Lenders In Arizona

Real estate investors lose time and money waiting for slow approvals and funds for their investments. As the fastest hard money lenders in Arizona, you will have the keys to your next investment faster, with less down so you can make more profitable investments. At Prime Plus Mortgages we know that you want to be a profitable real estate investor.

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To do that you need fast funding hard money lending for your properties. The problem is lengthy applications and slow approvals waste your time and frustrate you when you need funds for your investments. As real estate investors and private money lenders, we believe that time wasted is money wasted, which is why we offer 1-hour approvals and have funded millions of dollars of investment properties in Arizona just like yours!

Apply for a hard money loan today, and in the meantime download our free house-flipping spreadsheet. So, stop worrying about how you will fund your real estate investments, and start flipping today!

Download The Ultimate Home Rehab Valuator. Free Download!

Apply today to get your free copy of the ultimate home rehab valuator. This Real Estate Investors Must-Have House Flipping Spreadsheet makes it easy to calculate the cost of your rehab projects, from rentals, flips, and more! Perfect for any investor looking to use private money loans or Arizona hard money loans to make more profitable investments. The best part? No credit score is required!

Why Use Phoenix Hard Money Loans For Your Investment

  • Our Phoenix hard money loans are available within 1 hour if needed (our loans really are fast)
  • Up to 90% LTV
  • Interest rates starting at 10%
  • Points vary based on the deal and borrower experience
  • Loan Programs Made For Investors, By Investors
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Arizona hard money lender offering asset-based hard money loans
  • Fast Funding For Residential Properties In The State of Arizona
  • Seamless Lending Process For Real Estate Projects
  • Fast Loan Application, and Faster Underwriting Approvals For Real Estate Loans!

Why Flippers Love Our Private Money Loans

Great communication throughout. They were great through the entire transaction and even helped me through some hiccups. They kept constant communication and facilitated the transaction. Will definitely be using them again and recommending to my clients.

Gaby AvilaCustomer

Great team of mortgage lenders who care and are willing to take extra steps to fund deals and communicate with me during the approval process. Super grateful for all your help today. Thanks a million.

Daniel MartinezCustomer

Very fast approval of my deal and the funding on time. Very inexpensive Loan fees! 😀

Leticia FuerteCustomer

Very impressed with this funding group. They made the transaction easy and the money was there for closing right on time. I will use them on future transactions.

Brad PickettCustomer


We have the fastest Arizona hard money lender. We offer a fast virtual application with no credit checks that only takes two clicks to complete! We offer the best loan terms and loan options for real estate investors in Arizona. We are the top hard money lender in Scottsdale. Apply and get your Phoenix hard money loan today!