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Tucson Hard Money Loans

Make more deals, flip more houses, make more money! Hard money loans that make real estate investing in Tucson a breeze.

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Make More Deals, Flip More Houses, Make More Money!

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I was interested in their fast funding. Prime Plus Mortgages closely followed our timeline, and got me approved and funded in less than a week!

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Tucson Community! Flip More Houses With Hard Money Loans

Tucson, Arizona is known as the “City of Sunshine”. Home of the iconic Sonoran desert, and Saguaro national park, this beautiful city makes the most of the sights and sounds that only a ‘city of sunshine’ could give!

With such a beautiful city, no wonder that house flipping in Tucson is so competitive. Flipping houses in such a competitive market you need to have a n upper hand on deals, which is why hard money loans make it easy to flip more houses.

That’s why Prime Plus Mortgages offers fast hard money loans at lower rates.

Tucson House Flippers, whether in the Oro Valley, or Marana, Use hard money loans to flip more houses, faster than ever.

With Phoenix hard money loans, you can start house flipping today, without anything in your way.

Learn more about our fast hard money loans here!

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Best Bridge Loans In Tucson For Real Estate Investors On The Go

Home of the University of Arizona, Sabino Canyon, Tucson real estate investors know how to preserve. In order to make it in the desert, you have to have a thick skin and never give up, something residents in Tucson know all too well.

With Tuscan Bridge loans you can do the same for your properties to get the funding you need.

Tucson residents know the value of hard work, that’s why Tucson hard money loans work for real estate investors from the Sahuarita, and the enclave downton.

For any type of Real estate investment, Tucson hard money loans make it easy to buy, repair, and flip your property. With our fast bridge loans, home rehabs, or short sale loans, you can fund almost every real estate investment.

Prime Plus Mortgages is founded by real estate investors, who offer Tucson flippers with hard bridge loans for their investments.

For busy Real estate investors, we made a fast hard money loan application made to get you cash you need now. We have a hard money loan application so easy, it takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

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I was very interested in Prime Plus Mortgages Funding process. They approved my real estate investment in under 24 hours! Fast Loans and very organized!

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Make More Deals, Flip More Houses, Make More Money!

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We’re Tucson’s hard money lender. Always make sure you apply, because there are occasions where we may be able to negotiate some of the terms.