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Fix & Flip Loans
Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona

What Are Fix & Flip Loans?

House flippers need access to quick funds for their real estate projects. Hard money loans make it easy to purchase, repair and flip a property faster, and easier than ever before.

Fix and flip loans are perfect for real estate investors who want to buy REO or otherwise discounted properties for competitive loan rates. House flippers can purchase discounted properties in need of repair to fix up and sell for a profit.  These hard money loans are available to investors with varying levels of expertise and poor credit.

A fix and flip project can be financed through a special type of hard money loan. Hard money lenders fund these loans that are used to purchase, repair and ‘flip’ the property.

What Type Of Loan Is It?

Fix and Flip Loans are hard money loans that are secured by the ‘ARV’ Or after repair value of the property. Investors use hard money lenders to fund the purchase and renovations for discounted and wholesale properties.

Arizona house flippers need fast funds to purchase, repair and ‘flip’ quickly. Fix and flip loans can be funded within 1-2 days after approval.

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I've worked with Prime Plus since early 2017. They are great to work with, provide excellent service, and works with me on some of my more difficult deals. Highly recommended to any real estate investor.

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Can I Get Qualified For One?

Forget Credit checks and lengthy applications.

You can apply for your fix and flip loans in two clicks.

Because Phoenix fix and flip loans are based on the after-repair value of the property.

Fix and flip loans are commonly used on properties are usually in need of major renovations. Learn more about what information you need for your phoenix hard money loan here.  Investors looking for less paperwork and a smoother funding process can apply for a hard money loan here.

What's A Fix & Flip Lender?

Fix and flip lenders or hard money lenders are people who loan money for the purpose of renovating and selling the property. These lenders specialize in serving people like you who specializing in fix and flip real estate.

The hard money lenders evaluate the potential of the property and decide on the amount to be loaned based off of their findings.

They gauge the borrower’s potential to successfully complete the property while taking into account the value of the property once it is sold.

Prime Plus Mortgages Benefits

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Asset Based

How Is A Fix & Flip Lender Different?

Traditional banks rarely lend on fix and flip properties. If they lend, it would only be for the amount the property appraised for, and would not cover the purchase of the property. Bank loans are based on credit of the borrower, and are too slow for many real estate investors.

Hard Money Lenders base the loan amount on the after repair value, which covers the cost of the purchase and remodel. They also fund faster and require less paperwork than a standard loan. You can read more about the differences in soft money and hard money here. 

Why Prime Plus Mortgages?

  • Up to 90% LTV
  • 10-16% interest rate
  • Asset based, not credit based lending
  • Funds available within 24 hours if needed (our loans really are fast)
  • Points vary based on the deal and borrower experience
  • No pre-payment penalties

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