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Gilbert Hard Money Loans

Make more deals, flip more houses, make more money! Hard money loans that make real estate investing in Gilbert a breeze.

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home rehab valuator

Make More Deals, Flip More Houses, Make More Money!

Grab Your Free Copy of The Home Rehab Valuator! Custom Made by real estate investors for estimating the repair of your rehabs!

I highly recommend any Gilbert Real estate investor to Prime Plus Mortgages. I was approved in less than 24 hours! Funding was fast and easy, and i could focus on my investment.

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Gilbert House Flippers! FLip More With Hard Money Loans.

Three-fourths of Gilbert’s population is made up of “Up and Coming Families”, “Boomburbs” and “Soccer moms”. The “Up and Coming Families” segment is characterized by an average age of 30.7 and a median household income of $64,000. The “Boomburbs” segment is characterized by a median age of 33.6 and a median household income of $105,000. The “Soccer Moms” segment is characterized by a median age of 36.6 and a median household income of $84,000.

With such a large population of families, Gilbert is a wonderful place to start flipping houses for growing families.

Many Phoenix House flippers use hard money loans to start real estate investing.

Gilbert Hard Money Loans are asset-based loans that don’t require credit scores, or background checks to approve.

You can start making money with real estate investments with hard money loans.

As Arizona real estate investors, we know that access to Gilbert hard money loans make flipping, renting, and profiting off your investments easier.

Start real estate investing with our free guide and consultation below.

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Best Bridge Loans In Gilbert

Gilbert was ranked one of America’s best places to live by CNN’s Money magazine, and was recently ranked as the 2nd safest city in the U.S. Gilbert’s real estate market is highly competitive, which is why more real estate investors are using hard money loans.

Gilbert real estate investors can find a hard money loan for almost any real estate transaction. Bridge loans, most commonly used to fill funding gaps, and buy foreclosures.

Using Gilbert Hard money loans means that you can close on properties, fund repairs, and make more money on your real estate faster than ever.

As investors, Prime Plus Mortgages offers many types of hard money loans, from bridge loans, to fix and flips, to home rehabs, perfect for Arizona Real estate.

Get Your Gilbert Hard Money Loan Today.

I was recommended to Prime Plus Mortgages from the wholesaler I was working with. Their loan variety was extremely useful to my real estate investing, and they made it easy to invest.

GilbertReal Estate Investor
home rehab valuator

Make More Deals, Flip More Houses, Make More Money!

Get your free copy of the home rehab valuator. Perfect for rentals, flips, and more! Get a total for your repairs, before you invest!

Get Prequalified For A Hard Money Loan Today

We’re Gilbert’s hard money lender. Always make sure you apply, because there are occasions where we may be able to negotiate some of the terms.