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Loan Programs & Private Money Funds

Loan Programs

Each project and real estate investment is unique. Which is why we created the perfect Phoenix hard money loan programs to suit your needs. We provide financing for:

  • Residential properties
  • Non-owner occupied properties
  • A fix and flip
  • A rehab for medium or long-term hold
  • Short sales
  • REO purchases
  • Business investment properties and more
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Hard Money Loans

Phoenix Hard money loans offer fast and hassle-free funds for any real estate investment. These quick loans can be approved in as little as 24 hours, and funded in 1-2 dys. The best part? No credit checks to hold you back! Learn More about Phoenix hard money loans here.

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Fix & Flip Loans

Fix and flip loans are perfect for real estate investors who want to buy REO or otherwise discounted properties for competitive loan rates. This type of Phoenix hard money loan is used for the purchase, repairs and sale of a real estate investment. Learn More about Fix and Flip loans here.

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Bridge Loans

In the real estate market, bridge loans are used to close deals quickly, fund rehab projects, and rescue homes from foreclosure. Phoenix hard money lenders offer hard money loans to cover gaps in funding. Learn more about bridge loans here.

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Home Rehab Loans

Ready to get your real estate investment project started? For real estate investors needing to get credit-free rehab funding, we offer asset-based home rehab loans. Phoenix hard money loans are perfect for any rehab project. Learn More about home rehab loans here.

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Short Sale Loans

When an investment property faces foreclosure, Phoenix hard money lenders offer short sale loans pay off the loan for less than what a borrower owns. You can learn more about Short Sale Loans here.

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Private Money Funds

As your local Phoenix Hard Money Lender, We offer highly competitive terms compared to your local market. When looking for private money funds, contact our loan experts to start the process so that you can have access to the financial resources you need to get your current project off the ground. Learn more about using Phoenix hard money loans for your real estate investment.

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We’re your native Phoenix hard money lender. Always make sure you apply, because there are occasions where we may be able to negotiate some of the terms.

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