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Fountain Hills Hard Money Loans

Make more deals, flip more houses, make more money! Hard money loans that make real estate investing in Fountain Hills a breeze.

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Make More Deals, Flip More Houses, Make More Money!

Stop going over your repair budget with our rehab valuator. Perfect for any investor flipping, fixing and renting.

I was interested in their fast funding. Prime Plus Mortgages closely followed our timeline, and got me approved and funded in less than a week!

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Fountain Hills House Flippers! Flip More With Hard Money Loans.

Fountain hills is well known for its large and beautiful fountain, which at its full height checks in at 560 feet. The fountain can be seen as far away as superstition mountain, and is the centerpiece to community events, and a source of pride to the community.

Fountain Hills is also a source of arts, culture, entertainment for all of Arizona, including the River Of Time Museum, which captures the past of the desert valley, and all the changes that have taken place. Fountain Hills is home to music festivals, and is one of the only cities with a Dark Sky Community.

With such a naturally beautiful landscape, and strong focus on community events and culture, it’s no wonder that real estate investors are looking to invest. With our hard money loans, you can get approved for your next investment in as little as 12 hours, and funded as fast as 24 hours.

You can start flipping houses today with a Fountain Hills hard money loan.

With the fast growth in Fountain Hills, real estate investors can start investing today with our hard money loans!

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Best Bridge Loans In Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills is a beautiful city that is growing stronger than ever. The population is 22,489, as of the 2010 census. Nestled closely to prime real estate hubs like Scottsdale, Fountain Hills is a great opportunity for real estate investing.

Real estate investors are looking for bridge loans in fountain hills to fill funding gaps, flip houses and upgrade their rentals.

Prime Plus Mortgages offers many types of hard money loans, from bridge loans, to fix and flips, to home rehabs, perfect for your investments in Fountain Hills

Hard money loans are designed to get real estate investors funded faster than ever. With easy applications, that only take a few clicks to complete. Approval for a Fountain Hill Bridge Loan can be sent as quickly within 12 hours!

Apply For Your Fountain Hill Bridge Loan Today!

I was very interested in Prime Plus Mortgages Funding process. They approved my real estate investment in under 24 hours! Fast Loans and very organized!

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Get Prequalified For A Hard Money Loan Today

We’re Fountain Hill’s hard money lender. Always make sure you apply, because there are occasions where we may be able to negotiate some of the terms.