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Make More Deals, Flip More Houses, Make More Money!

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Prime Plus Mortgages ... Is unlike retail banks, they are not beholden to stringent credit criteria ... Based on your Income and Credit Score ... The team of investors at Prime Plus Mortgages Base loan decisions on the underlying value of the asset, and the underlying value of the rehab. Great People …

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Avondale House Flippers! Flip More With Hard Money Loans.

Avondale is a friendly city that moves fast and is constantly growing thanks to many new residents from Phoenix. Home to Friendship Park, and the Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale residents move just as fast as their real estate.

Avondale was once home to many farm lands, but as bridge loans in Phoenix expanded, many residents found themselves living in Avondale, and so there has been a large housing boom.

Avondale house flipping fever has taken over.

Avondale House Flippers are renting, fixing, and flipping at record breaking speeds. In order to flip houses even faster, house flippers are looking for fast hard money loans.

Avondale hard money loans are an asset-based loan that make buying and upgrading real estate investments easy.

Prime Plus Mortgages makes it easy for you to start making money Flipping houses in Avondale.

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Best Bridge Loans In Avondale

Avondale real estate market is moving faster than ever. Thanks to the large influx of residents to Arizona,  Phoenix real estate moves quickly.

Bridge loans in Arizona are use to fill funding gaps, flip houses, and upgrade rental properties.

Prime Plus Mortgages offers many types of hard money loans, from bridge loans, to fix and flips, to home rehabs, perfect for your investments in Avondale.

Hard money loans are designed to get Phoenix hard money loans to real estate investors faster than ever.

Learn more about Real Estate investing with Avondale hard Money loans today.

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Very fast approval of my deal and the funding on time. Very inexpensive Loan fees!

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Avondale Guide

Make More Deals, Flip More Houses, Make More Money!

Grab Your Free 10 Steps to Real Estate Investing Guide!

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