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3 House Flipper Trends That Pay (Infographic & hard money investors tips)

By July 17, 2019May 20th, 2020Blog, Home Remodeling, House Flipping
House Flipping Trends That Pay Infographic - Hard Money Investors Tips

House flipping is taking over the country!  Reaching peak levels earlier this summer, house flipping trends and stories are taking over by storm.  House flippers or hard money investors are looking to make the biggest profits  by adding the right trends.

You can see house flippers on countless t.v. shows, magazines, with countless transformations showing up over timelines and news feeds. Not to mention, their trends, must-have, home decorations, even custom collections available at major retailers.

House flippers know how to highlight the worst of spaces, and completely transform homes in a beautiful way.

With modern homes sweeping the nation, mixing the right modern twist or touches can turn in some serious cash for your home.

Do Modern Finishes pay off for you investments? We break down the top house flippers trends, and their payouts below!

Gray Everything

Gone are the days of bright colors, shag carpets and colorful designs. Gray is here to stay, whether you like it or not. For hard money investors adding gray to a flip can jump up your profit margins!

Gray is the new beige, pairing wonderfully with light and dark accents and colors. Increasingly versatile, sleek, and modern. Gray is the top pick of home sellers because of its neutral tones and its ability to enhance nearly every room. No wonder this hue has leaked into almost every corner of our homes. Does this neutral tone pay off for hard money investors or house flippers?

A lot of homeowners love using gray in accents, or as a primary color, in the interior or exterior of a home. Hard money investors can attract new buyers to their flips simply by adding a coat of this shade. While most popular in kitchens, they can be spotted in bathrooms, bedrooms, the exterior of a house, and just about everywhere!

Aside from being an attractive color, gray can pay out for your house flipping investment. Zillow reports that homes with kitchens outfitted in soft gray hues often sold for a $1809.00 premium.  Zillow also reported that dark gray homes (exterior) sell for more than other colors, and can add up $3,496 in value!

Any hard money investor can see that adding gray to their flip, whether inside or out, can add some serious return!

White Subway Tile

No doubt about it, white subway tile is the to-go choice among house flippers and hard money investors. Similar to the gray color schemes, THis tile is versatile, modern, and goes with just about anything. Making it perfect for house flippers doing small kitchen upgrades, or even total renovations.

White Tile looks great as a backsplash, in bathrooms, or even bathrooms. Clean and modern, and easy to pair with any look or colors. Perfect for those working with existing features in an investment, such as floors or cabinets.

White subway tile is an inexpensive tile, so buying in bulk for a flip can actually save a house flipper some money. Aside from some savings, this feature can sell your flip faster and for more!

Zillow looked closely at listings that included the phrases ‘subway tile’, the result? Homes mentioning subway tiles in their listings sold for nearly 7% more than expected and 63 days faster.

So what about other house flipper trends for your kitchen, do they pay off? Listings touting “Shaker cabinets” sold for 9.6 percent above expected and 45 days faster. listings with the word “quartz” saw a 6-percent sales premium.

House flippers hard money investors alike will love those numbers for any flip!

Smart Houses

Smart features are taking over the market, house flippers and hard money investors wonder if this investment is worth the investment. Before security and smart features used to drive up the costs of a flip, nowadays that are pretty affordable.

Do smart features actually improve your profit margins?

While there are more smart home features being launched nearly every day, it’s reported that smart features could increase the home value of your flip by 11%.

So what are the best smart features to add?

  • Smart Appliances: 18.2% of respondents in MFE’s study ranked appliances as the next-gen product with the highest ROI. Fridges, voice, and more are only going to increase the value of your home.
  • Security: 36.4% of homebuyers ask most often about smart home security, so adding a smart security feature, such as locks, cameras, or others can be a huge selling factor.
  • Lighting or Energy Saving Features 10.1% of respondents who ranked HVAC and utility management products as having the highest ROI. Not to mention future savings was a pretty attractive feature for home buyers.

For house flippers and hard money investors, adding smart features seems like a no-brainer for some serious ROI.


House flipping trends can cash in if done correctly. As all hard money investors know, trends come and go quickly, so staying on top of a trend is key to making the most of your investment.

For House flippers who want o make their investment pay for itself, another trend is hard money loans! Fix and flip loans making purchasing, renovating, and selling your flip fast and easy. Giving you more time to focus on your money-making design, then on your funding, Learn More about fix and flip loans here.

Consider the following House Flipper Trends for your next flip!

  1. Gray Everything
  2. White Subway Tile
  3. Smart Houses

Have You Used These Trends In Your Flip?

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