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Best House Flipper Apps

By July 24, 2018September 24th, 2019House Flipping
best house flipper apps

Every real estate investor wishes house flipping could be easier. With endless paperwork, and juggling multiple projects at a time, it is easy for things to fall through the cracks. Thankfully the best house flipper apps make real estate investing easy.

With the use of these apps, you can easily find the best house to flip, and budget for your flip.   In a few swipes on your smartphone, you can plan almost every part of your real estate investment. Every investor wants a fast and easy investment, so these apps, and a hard money lender makes any flip process smooth.

We handpicked our best house flipper apps to help you up to your house flipping game!


Best House Flipper App: Zillow

Every house flipper and real estate investor uses Zillow. Zillow makes finding the perfect properties to flip a breeze!

The Zillow app lets you see what potential investment properties are available, not to mention, is a great source for researching home values, neighborhood comparables, and MLS Listings.

Zillow offers additional apps like Zillow Rentals, Zillow Mortgage Calculator and Zillow Dig Interior Design, all of which are great apps for any house flipper as well! This app makes it searching for properties, in your area.

The best part? The App is completely free of charge.

No wonder this is one of the top house flipper apps!

house flipping app

Best House Flipper App: Property Fixer

Property Fixer is a must-have app! This highly recommended app is loved by real estate investors, house flippers, and hard money lenders.

This house flipper app is perfect for setting a budget and to find information on a property.

Investors can easily calculate their profit or possible ROI for the flip with a few clicks.

This is perfect when you find that diamond in the rough, as you can pull the numbers almost instantly.

A huge time-saver for budgeting your flip, it is also easy to share with any member of the team. After using this house flipper app to calculate your investment, you can make pdfs and spreadsheets to share with your team.

After you find the perfect property, you can easily share this with your hard money lender, to get your hard money loan.

Best House Flipper App: Home-Snap

For the bust real estate investor, Home-snap is the best time-saving house flipper app.

Its real estate search portal has accurate, real-time information that all investors need. It also offers a photo search feature, which makes find property information a breeze.

The visuals are beautiful, and a great way to find houses you like on the go. This time-saving app is perfect for when you see a must-have property, or a for sale sign but don’t have time to look!

Never miss a perfect investment property with this app!

house flipping app

Best House Flipper App: Google Keep

GoogleKeep is a house flipping app dream come true, is an update-able to-do list that won’t get lost!

This house flipping app lets you create separate lists, which you can use for different properties.

You can even make to-do’s lists with notes, drawing and even photos! Best part? You can even invite collaborators, so add your contractor so they can update you as projects get completed.

Best House Flipper App: Summary

The best house flipper apps will save you time, money, and help you find the best properties. While finding the best properties, and budgeting for your flip can be done with an app, the best hard money loans will help you get your investment with no hassle. For fast hard money loans, Prime Plus Mortgages offer the loans for any investment! Learn more about our hard money loans here.

The Best House Flipper Apps Are:

  1. Zillow
  2. Property Fixer
  3. Home-Snap
  4. Google Keep

What’s a House Flipper App We Missed?


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