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Avoid Vacancy By Staging Your Rental

By August 14, 2018September 19th, 2018Blog, Rental Properties
A landlord avound zero Vacancy by staging and using a hard money lender in phoenix

What’s the worst thing that can happen to a rental property? Most Landlords and investors would say: Vacancy! Nothing is worse than having a property sit empty. An easy way to get more people into your rental, and to get more contracts signed is staging! Showing an empty blank space, or showing an space with a tenant could be disastrous, with dirty rooms or literally nothing but white walls. Follow our staging tips to get your vacancy number to 0 fast!


Using inviting and modern colors can make tenants say yes faster than ever! Monochromatic looks, such as grays, whites, and tan, are easy to play up and make interesting. Make it easy for a tenant to say yes to your space by adding clean solid features, with accents. If you have all white walls, adding pops of colors with rugs, curtains, and even furniture such as nightstands and lamps. Adding color to will make your space more inviting, and can help a tenant visualize a space as their own.


Think about what a tenant would or could use your space for, and make sure to visualize that for them. Bathroom has space for a vanity, add a cute chair and makeup tray. Including a desk from your local thrift shop as a statement piece can bring character to a boring space. Adding a reading space, can change how people see your space, and make it easy to see themselves in your property.


Consider your market for ways to stage your space. Maybe you are more geared towards college students, or maybe more mature professional crowds. Cater to local interests into your decorations, maybe a nice panoramic of the city, or local college or maybe your color choices for rugs and accessories. Adding books can make any space feel more personal, and can make tenants see themselves in the space easier. You can ever add a bit of drama to your space by adding some curtains for more whimsical Instagram worthy spaces.


Using layers to make your space more appealing for the eyes and give some much needed pop. Mixing hard floors with soft rugs, flat walls with textured focal points such as intricate light features and lamps, consider light walls and with dark and bold accents.

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