3 Bathroom Updates House Flippers Love

By July 31, 2019 September 4th, 2019 Home Remodeling
Bathroom Updates house flippers love

Bathroom updates can easily be one of the most expensive rooms in your house flip!

If you have the perfect budget and plan in mind you can have a beautiful new bathroom!

For a bathroom upgrade that will make your neighbors green with envy, steal these 3 tricks from house flippers!

You will definitely want to steal these bathroom updates for your home or flip!

bathroom updates pictureTimeless Bathroom Updates

When thinking of what tiles or paint colors to go with remembering timeless is key.

You don’t want a room that will be outdated in a years time!

For an instant classic look think of pairing neutral tones for a modern look.

Neutral colors offer a clean classic look that can be played up or down with accessories.

Gray, white and tan colors work wonders with other color schemes and offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to tile, paint, and accent pieces. It will update your room and make it easier to stage down the line when looking to list and sell!

Pair Different textures, and tones for a modern look that everyone will want to steal.

photo of bathroom updatesVanities

Once you have a classic theme for our bathroom, it’s time to add a little wow factor!

Having a beautiful vanity will leave an impression on your listing and be a talking point for potential buyers. It can be as easy as sprucing up your mirror, adding a back-splash, replacing some finishes.

It never hurts to think about replacing an outdated countertop and creating a beautiful space. A show-stopping vanity is a must-have for a top-selling bathroom.


Don’t overlook lighting! No one wants to take a shower in the dark!

You can boost your light easily, even if it means replacing old light fixtures with clean bright white bulbs or possibly adding a small window.

Having stellar lighting in your bathroom will leave a great impression on potential buyers since they will use the bathroom every morning, so why not make it luxurious.

Shower And Bath Updates

Bathroom Updates to modernizing the actual shower and bath are endless.

The easier way to determine what kind of Update to make is to see the size of your room. See if you can have a separate bath and shower, or if you can only fit a shower, modernize the shower with clear shower walls and stunning finishes.

Having a separate bath, maybe go for an additional wow factor and get a claw-footed bath or even an extra-wide bath that screams comfort. If you have a great bath and shower in place, consider a minor facelift with some new tiling that will make a killer impression on buyers. Find more Showstoppers for your flip here!

Funding For Your Rehab

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Updated 7/31/2019

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