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Using Social Media To Sell Flips, and Network

By October 4, 2018March 12th, 2020Blog, House Flipping
Using social media to sell flip houses, and network

In our digital age, having a strong social media is a must-have.

Many real estate investors feel overwhelmed by the options available and unsure of how to make the most of social media. The important thing is to remember who your customer base, and while we talk about the best uses for each of the networks fine-tune each to your own personality.

Old sale style can come off as inauthentic and makes it seem like you are doing the bare minimum. In order to get real results and engagement from these platforms for your investments, you have to think about how you post in your everyday life and what your demographic wants to see!

Maybe start with one network and expand to others once you feel comfortable. You can follow pages and topics, like ‘hard money lender in Phoenix’ and see what posts get the most engagements. Social media selling is about buying into the people, not so much the products or services.

Before we get started, it’s important to do the following: create business pages/accounts. This makes it easier to share your own content and make sure your personal page does not get deactivate for business posts.

You can learn how to Business Accounts here. You will also need to update your bios to have the following: name, contact information, links to your websites, and a professional headshot. Have those in place will make growing your network easy, and make it faster.


LinkedIn is is THE PROFESSIONAL social media network. While it may have fewer users compared to Twitter, and Facebook, it’s members are active and always looking to network within their industry. LinkedIn offers many different ways to engage, such as discussion boards, Private messages, and blogs.


What You Need To Do

You need to take time into updating and upgrading your profile page. List your networks and interests, and join groups. Have updated contact information, and make your title as clear and focused as possible. Add your area you are working in so that others in the industry can find you and connect.


How To Use LinkedIn

Take time to send messages and invites to relevant people in your industry, and connections are more likely to be approved if you send a message introducing yourself. You can find thousands of realtors, wholesalers, hard money lenders, and contractors on LinkedIn and might be able to close some deals all thru messaging. You also need to post relevant industry articles or add to discussions, if you give away more than you take you will see an increased audience who are interested in what you have to say.



Facebook is the number of social media site in the world. In fact, it’s what people think of first when they hear the word ‘social media’. So how can you sell your flips, and build your network on the largest social media force in the world? It’s easier than you think. Facebook is meant to be engaging, fun and connecting. So to make the most of this platform you need to post in a way that you want to see.

What You Need To Do

Have a professional cover photo and business page. Join Groups, and see what posts work! Before and after photos of your house flipping project is going to get a lot of reactions. You need to give more than you take and be a part of the discussions. Change your settings that friends and family can share or send your posts to people that might want your house. Make it easy for people to find you and your business.  Join groups that fit your business, and search for phrases people use in your industry like ‘hard money lender in the phoenix’, or ‘house flippers in phoenix’. When you post make sure to use tags and phrases that people find.


How To Use Facebook

Make content that your buyers want to see. Make live videos of you doing renovations, the post before and after photos of your home rehab projects. When people look for services on Facebook they want to see the faces behind the business. Use popular tags and titles like hard money lenders in Phoenix to get more engagement and followers.  Making posts about regular happenings in your area will only make you seem more human, and make you easier to find. You can make cover videos of all the houses you have flipped, or showcase the different properties you have invested in. add hashtags to your post for easy sharing, and see what other people are posting in that category like #houseflippers #phoenix #fixandflip #homerehab #renovation and more!


Set goals for your social media, like spend an hour each day on making posts, or send 20 messages or friend requests a day! Remember that social selling takes time and effort which means commenting messaging, and putting in the time to build your house flipping network. You will see how joining house flipping groups in phoenix, or even hard money lender in phoenix groups will offer you a wealth of knowledge, along with networking opportunities and more.


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