Add These 5 Summer Upgrades Using  The Best Hard Money Loans

Summer Updates to use the best hard money loans

Summer is in full swing, and for many Phoenix house flippers, the listing season is upon them. Many real estate investors using the best hard money loans are looking to make the most from their flips, many by making the best upgrades for their money.

Fun Summer upgrades are perfect in Phoenix, where warm weather all year means making the most of their investments mean properties with summer amenities.

Add these 5 summer upgrades to your flip for a property that sells fast, and for more

Enhance the Exterior

For real estate investors looking for a bit of wow factor, landscaping is a must. While Phoenix heat is not the best for those with a green thumb but isn’t impossible. For any house flipper using the best hard money loans,  upgrading your landscaping is vital when listing a home for sale in the summertime.

A well-landscaped front and backyard can even have your property sell for more and is a great and easy way to boost your home value.

You can spruce up your outdoor spaces with a fresh coat of paint, simple landscaping, and cleaning up the exterior.

With any flip, you need to make sure it looks fresh and a new coat of paint can transform a home. The Fresh color will liven up your property,  and as HuffPost reports, can increase the number of people view your home.

For those on a budget, painting a front door with a bright color, or even a dramatic black, can see some major return. Zillow reported that a black door increased home value by $6,271.

Power Washing is a great way to make a home look like new. Power washing driveways, sidewalks, will brighten a front yard and make a great first impression on potential buyers.

Consider planting some desert natives, such as palm trees, cactus, and landscape for your area. Using rocks paths, water features is a great way to make a space more interesting and dynamic for a buyer.

Once you have the landscape in check, you can work on making a jaw-dropping outdoor space.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Even with as hot as it gets in Phoenix, it’s residents love it’s outdoor living areas.

Investors using the best hard money loans in Phoenix can see some serious returns from adding patios, decks, bars and firepit areas.

According to the real estate site, The average ROI of professional deck construction is 73% but houses with more outdoor living spaces can appeal to a larger group of clients.

Adding an outdoor living area may be a necessity depending on your location, especially in a high-end neighborhood.  So if your home is one without an outdoor entertaining area it may hurt your home value to not add one to your investment.

Some great ideas for outdoor living spaces include fire pits, barbeque areas, bars, patios, and decks.

Outdoor Activities

With sunshine, all year round, having outdoor activities is a great way to highlight your space to buyers, and maximize your investment.

Real estate investors can make the most of their investment by using the best hard money loans and any of these outdoor activities.

Anyone living in Arizona loves having a pool. Pools are a great way to cool off in the roasting summer months, great for exercise and for entertaining. While the jury is still out on how much value a pool adds to your investment, we can’t deny that in Arizona, a pool is a hot selling feature.

A hot tub is a great way to add some luxury to any investment and can be a great selling feature in a higher-end flip, while easier to install than a pool, maybe a harder selling feature than a pool.

Some additional activities to consider adding, a basketball court, a putting green and other activities that people can use for entertaining.

Keep It Cool

Before listing any investment in the summer months you need to make sure that it can stay cool.

Updating the HVAC, or even just getting it services can be a big reassurance to buyers. Other cooling updates, such as installing new windows, insulating, will keep buyers happy and cool in your flip!

There are many other updates that investors using the best hard money loans can do to make the most of their investment, and increase their profits. Now is also a good time to think about installing curtains, shades, blinds, awnings and window films to help control summer heat gain through windows. Some other great cooling features to use are installing ceiling fans, and replace your HVAC filter.

Smart Features

The new trend, smart features make it easy to control your home from your phone and can increase home values up to 11%

Smart features can control temperature security, and more, with the most popular being Ring, Nest, and Alexa.

Ring a smart feature that doubles as a security feature. Making it easy to monitor your home from your phone.

The nest is a smart thermostat that makes it easy to control your temperature, all while going green. It’s energy efficient and makes climate control easy. It programs itself and monitors itself.

Alexa is a great way for people to keep up with current and local events all hands-free. It is easy to program into regular household functions and add a futuristic feel to your home. Alexa can control your lights, music, temperature, clock and more!

Real estate investors an add smart features to improve their home values, sell their investment faster, and fund their updates using the best hard money loans.


Listing the summertime is a great way to take advantage of the hot real estate climate before the slower winter season comes in.

Adding summer updates will help sell your real estate investment faster, and using the best hard money loans will make it easy to get them done on schedule. Thee summer updates are great for drastically improving your profit for your investment. You can apply for a hard money loan here.

  1. Enhancing the exterior
  2. Adding Outdoor Living Spaces
  3. Outdoor Activities
  4. Cooling Features
  5. Smart Features

What’s a summer selling feature we missed?


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