The 11 Best Gilbert House Flipping Services You Need

By May 23, 2019Blog
The Best Gilbert House Flipping Services

Gilbert house flipping is even trendier than ever. With rising markets and price per square foot increasing to over $165 a year, house flippers all over Arizona are turning to Gilbert for their next flip!  It’s easy to see why, Arizona at the front of the pack in growth, job opportunities, and affordability.


With real estate investing trendier than ever, we pulled together a comprehensive list of all the top Gilbert house flipping services you need to flip homes for more cash! These top rated services will make your next flip in Gilbert in a timely and professional manner.


We list the top Gilbert contractors, Realtors, Painters, and hard money lenders who will make your house flip process as smooth as glass.

Best Contractors For Gilbert House FlippingContractors

Every Gilbert house flipping team knows that a professional contractor is a must to any successful real estate investment. These contractors are top rated and reviewed, with service and skills that are out of this world. For top quality contractors with legendary before and after, contact any of the following!


Titan Home Improvements


Finding a contractor that sticks to a schedule is a hassle, let alone a contractor that complete the project when they say they will! The pros at Titan Home Improvements make Gilbert house flipping stress-free with their commitment to excellence.


Titan Home Improvements specialize in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels, which they proudly feature on their site!


For beautiful work on your deadline, and professional craftsmanship, Titan home improvements is the contractor for you.


Golden Bear Contracting

What can’t the talented contractors at Golden Bear Contracting do? From tilework, flooring, cabinets, plumbing, electrical work and more, Golden Bear Contracting can do it all!


Golden Bear Contracting is a Gilbert House Flipping dream come true. The work they do is top notch and professional and will be a showcase in any flip. They are top rated and complete project as quickly as possible, sometimes even before their estimated completion date!


They are easy to contact and communicate extremely well! For a Gilbert real estate investor they can be the perfect contractor for your next flip!


Solid Home Renovations


Looking for a completely renovated flip? With superior workmanship, Solid Home Renovations can do it all! Their masonry is a must see and they’re before and afters are jaw-dropping. They have even completed complicated plumbing projects the same day!


For trend-setting interior designs or gorgeous outdoor living spaces, Solid Home Renovations complete jobs above expectations and will create one of a kind looks for your real estate investment. For top quality, Gilbert House Flipping projects, completed on time and a professional and friendly crew, look no further than Solid Home Renovations.

Best Realtors For Gilbert House Flipping


Buying and selling a flip is crucial for Gilbert house flipping. These Gilbert realtors can sell homes quickly, know the best markets and know how to attract the top buyers. For Real estate investors looking to get the most of their flips, and sell them for more, contact any of these top realtors in Gilbert.

Newman Realty

Newman Realty offers a personalized real estate experience while offering the luxuries of the bigger branches. From out of state moves and sells, to small city move these investor-friendly agents make it their job to find the right homes for all their clients and sell flips in a manner of days.


What separates Newman Realty from the rest is their relaxed demeanor and their ability to know what their clients are looking for and getting their matches perfect the first time. They have an almost historical amount of knowledge depth on the Gilbert Markets, making them the perfect fit for almost any real estate investor.


If you are new to the Gilbert Market, their knowledge of the markets will be a huge asset for your house flipping efforts. For a one of a kind experience with a responsive, knowledgeable, kind, hard-working and honest team, look no further than Newman Realty.


Kriste Melcher – Desert Sand Realty

If you are looking to change markets or even expand your real estate investing, Kriste can help!

For an in-depth knowledge of the markets, and neighborhoods and homes, Look no further than the expertise of Desert Sand Realty.


Kriste knows how to play hardball and works overtime to make sure that the buying, selling, and listing project goes quickly and is done correctly.


Kriste is a top-notch agent, with a wealth and depth of knowledge of the real estate markets in Arizona that can benefit any real estate investor.


If you are looking to buy and sell a flip in Gilbert, Kriste can make sure that that it goes your way and knows how to work with investors!


The Home Selling Team

The Home Selling Team goes above and beyond to ensure that every real estate transaction goes off without a hitch. No matter your real estate expertise the Home Selling Team makes it easy to know the status of your sale, and can even give advice for house flippers to make the most of their investments in Gilbert.


Their extensive network is extremely useful for Gilbert House Flipping as they can recommend the top professionals for almost every type of service for your flip.


The Home Selling Team makes selling and buying a flip easy with its professionalism and resources. The Rave reviews speak for themselves with satisfied customers at every turn. Look No further than the Home Selling team to move your Gilbert Flip Fast!

Best Painters For Gilbert House FlippingPainters

Curb appeal is often overlooked by real estate investors but can be one of the most important factors in selling a home. Gilbert House flipping means making the best improvement to your investment for the largest profits and having a beautiful exterior is a necessity in Arizona!


These painters make transforming your flip easy, with a few coats of paint that will be the envy of any neighborhood.


McMillan Brothers Painting & Roofing

Painting a home is easy, but to repair and update with amazing workmanship, you need the professionals at McMillan Brothers and painting.


The painters at McMillian can do it all: repair stucco, painting my block walls, building a pony wall, update gates, trim, and even repair roofs! They follow HOA requirements to a Tee so no matter where your flip is located they can beautifully transform your home with minimal hassle!


Their focus on customer service guarantees clear communication and producing top quality projects to your needs and specifications. Gilbert house flipping has never been this easy with the professionals at McMillan Brothers.


John Shaw Home Improvements

Painting, Roofing, and Stucco Services, that’s what John Shaw Home Improvements is all about!


Stucco can be tricking to replace and repair and paint beautifully, but that’s what John Shaw specializes in. John Shaw Home Improvements offers a small company feel, with a laser-focus on customer service. They are extremely polite, punctual and will return your calls promptly!


They have fantastic before and afters of their exterior works and do beautiful jobs on the stucco repairs, and painting projects. Learn more about John Shaw Home Improvements here!

Crash of Rhinos Painting

For professional crews without the micro-management, Crash of Rhinos is a one-of-a-kind painting service perfect for Gilbert house flipping.


From their office to the paint crews themselves, all the members of the crash of rhinos offer a quality product and a commitment to the best possible services.


For House flippers unsure of what colors to choose, Crash of Rhinos can even provide renderings of how your home will look with different colors and trim options!


They know how to work well with any HOA making it a perfect fit for any real estate investment across Gilbert.


They offer professional quote and projections, with no surprises and a few extra services such as window cleanings that take their customer service to the next level.


For top quality and efficient painting crew, Crash of Rhinos has everything for Gilbert House Flipping.

Hard Money Lenders


Need fast fund with minimal down for your real estate investments? These Top hard money lenders know Gilbert House Flipping! From Fix and Flip Loans, Residential or Commercial these lenders can provide everything you need for your real estate project!


Using hard money loans is one of the most versatile tools any real estate investors can use, and with these Gilbert Hard Money Lenders, you can get the cash you need for your flip!


Prime Plus Mortgages

Fix and Flip Loans, Bridge Loans, Home Rehab Loans, and Rental Loans are just a few of the hard money loan programs Prime Plus Mortgages has to offer.


With Minimal money down and an entirely virtual application, Prime plus mortgages makes it easy for real estate investors in Gilbert to make the most of their properties and start flipping faster.


These team of experienced real estate investors knows the ins and out of the Arizona real estate markets, and provide fast customer service and a hassle-free application.


These asset-based loans make it easy for first-time investors to start making money now from Gilbert House flipping, with minimal risk! You can Apply for a Gilbert Hard Money loan here!

Lending One

For Gilbert Real estate investors looking for New Construction and land loans, Lending One has the programs they need.


Lending One offers short term programs that are great for those Gilbert House Flippers looking for private money or even Hard Money Loans for special projects that may be a bit trickier to get approved by a traditional lender.


Lending One offers land and new construction loans that are more difficult for Gilbert real estate investors to acquire and offer great customer service to boot. You can learn more about lending one loan programs here.




There has never been a better time to start Gilbert house Flipping, as the market heats up and demand is picking up faster than the market can keep up with. From Upgrading your flip, painting selling and even funding your next flip, these services are a necessity for any serious house flipper.


The 11 Best Gilbert House Flipping Services you need are:


  1. Titan Home Improvements
  2. Golden Bear Contracting
  3. Solid Home Renovations
  4. Newman Realty
  5. Desert Sand Realty
  6. Home Selling Team
  7. McMillan Brothers Painting & roofing
  8. John Shaw Home Improvements
  9. Crash Of Rhinos Painting
  10. Prime Plus Mortgages
  11. Lending One


What’s A Gilbert House Flipping Service We Missed?


Prime Plus Mortgages

Prime Plus Mortgages

Prime Plus Mortgages is a licensed hard money lender. We specialize in hard money loans, bridge loans, fix and flip loans, home rehab loans, for developers, property flippers and buy-and-hold strategists. HML programs make private money available for small to medium scale projects.