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How To Calculate ROI For Real Estate Investments

How To Calculate ROI For Real Estate Investments

Calculators, papers, and pens everywhere. For some of us, math is a struggle. It can be hard to find the numbers we are looking for. Once we have the formula in place, finding the solution is so much easier. Real estate investors need to know how to calculate their ROI for real estate investments.

Real estate investors have a lot of risk with each new property, and getting the  Budgeting is the hardest part of real estate investing. One wrong calculation can totally blow a budget and see the loss of any profits. Investors who know how to calculate ROI can better predict their profits, break even points, and if it will be a flip or flop.

Learning how to calculate your ROI is necessary to make the most of a property. Ready to start flipping? Get the formula for how to calculate your roi below.

What Is ROI?

ROI or ‘Return On Investment’ means the percentage of invested money that’s recouped after the deduction of associated costs. In Real estate terms, the amount of money gained from an investment.

A basic ROI formula looks like this. ROI=(Gain−Cost)/Cost

What is Roi and why is this important for investors. Does this term differ from ARv and why do investors need to know what it is.

There are many costs, complications, and surprises in real estate. By calculating the ROI you can know how to set a budget, and know if a property is worth investing in.

The purchase, repairs, and how the property is financed can affect your ROI. If your real estate investment was in foreclosure, had a second mortgage, these interests can affect your bottom line.

With a rental, you will also have to include other factors, such as maintenance, admin fees, and more. We found this calculator shows how to calculate ROI for real estate rentals.

Why should you know how to calculate ROI? Every real estate investor knows you need to know your cash flow!

ROI is important in real estate because it gives you the real numbers you need for your investment. Depending on your investment, how to calculate for ROI in your real estate investment may differ.

How To Calculate ROI For Real Estate Investments MethodsHow To Calculate ROI For Real Estate

There are many different types of real estate investments. So when it comes to calculating your ROI choosing the best method is necessary depending on your investment. If you plan on house flipping, the out of pocket method may work best. The cost method may be more effective for a rental. Both of these methods are used by real estate investors, and Phoenix hard money lenders to determine the best returns.

How To Calculate ROI: The Cost Method

This is the preferred method for properties bought in cash, rental properties, and those more interested in the cash flow and not equity. How to calculate ROI using this method?

ROI= (Equity)/Cost

The costs in this method include all the expenses related to repairs, renovations, and purchases. With this method, any of the expenses involved in renovating and repairing the property are added.

This method is best used when the property is bought in full and doesn’t involve a mortgage or financing. If you do use a hard money loan for your flip, the out-of-pocket method might be more effective.

How To Calculate ROI: Out-of-Pocket Method

Many investors use Phoenix hard money, and other loans to finance their investment. This changes how to calculate ROI for your real estate investment.

Real estate investors can sometimes make more for their investment because they did not pay in cash.  When using this method, investors change how to calculate ROI for their investments.

The following ROI formula is used for these investors.

ROI= Annual Cash Flow / Total investment cash

This a great method for rental investors, as the annual cash flow can be used to negate the cost of operation.

This differs from the Cost method as it only accumulates the cash flow, to the total cost.

With this, if you don’t pay the full amount for a flip, it only counts the money you put down into a home. The reason for the higher ROI is attributable to the loan, as the investors save themselves from this initial cost.

How To Use Your ROI 

Now that you can calculate your roi it is time to putting it to use. We will list the many applications of ROI here. Real estate investors, Phoenix hard money lenders, and house flippers all use ROI.

How they use ROI is what sets them apart. From renting, flipping, or even rehabbing a property to invest in, ROI is an important tool for any investor.

ROI does not necessarily mean profit, but understanding what kind of returns, is extremely important. This can help you set budgets, plan repairs, and decide if the property is worth the investment.

How to calculate ROI for your property is key to starting a budget, and making a profit.

Real estate investors looking to budget repairs for a flip, can know how the costs will affect the bottom line! Those with rentals can know how to effectively structure their cash flow to cover all the operating costs.

Hard money lenders use ROI and the ARV (After repair value) of a property to lend on real estate investments.

For investors looking to earn more from their properties, the Out-of-pocket method, combined with a hard money loan, is a great way to maximize their profits. Real estate investors, whether house flipping or renting, can use fast hard money loans to get the cash they need for investments.

Phoenix hard money loans are fast and base their value in the after repair value of the property. This means they fund quickly and can be approved in as little as one day.

Prime Plus mortgages offers virtual applications, all hassle-free for our investors. You can learn more about hard money loans here.

How To Calculate ROI For Real Estate Investments SummarySummary:

  • What is ROI? ROI is the return on investment. This is used by real estate investments to see how they should budget, or if they should invest in a property.
  • How To Calculate ROI Methods. Depending on your real estate investment, your method for ROI may differ. From the cash method, or the out-of-pocket method. If you use a hard money loan, the out-of-pocket method can earn you more!
  • How To Use Your ROI.  From setting a budget, determining rental prices, or using lending options! Once you know how to calculate your ROI, you can use it for all your investments.

How Do You Calculate for ROI?


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