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Financial Tools & Apps House Flippers Need

By July 5, 2019July 18th, 2019Financial Planning
Financial Planning Tools to help ssomeone get control of their spending

Financial planning tools come in different varieties and can be used for nearly every aspect of a person’s life.

From managing student loans to calculating debt freedom, these tools can assist you in meeting savings, planning and budgeting goals.

Here are some wonderful financial planning tools you should be using.

Debt Planning Calculator

If you have decided to make it a goal to become debt-free, you can consider a debt calculator app.

You can enter the total balance of any debt with the assigned interest rate. You can enter your monthly payment amount and forecast when you will be completely debt-free.

People who have long term debts such as student loans or credit cards will benefit from a forecasting tool. The calculator is a straightforward, simple tool that can be easily managed.


MoneyStrands is another software that can support your financial planning efforts. You can enter your information from banking institutions and creditors into the system.

With the tool, you can develop a 12-month spending plan and track your progress. You can forecast your available funds months in advance.

You can schedule your upcoming bills in the systems to assist with forecasting. The tool measures how well you are sticking to the spending plan.


Shoeboxed is a tool for managing and organizing receipts.

The app lets you store pictures of your receipts, and categorize them accordingly into their expense classifications. Your scanned receipts are perfectly acceptable when submitted with tax returns.

You can maximize your deductions by being able to better keep track of expenses. You all drastically cut down on the paperwork required due at tax time.

Retirement Calculator

Many people have no idea of exactly how much they will need when they retire. When you retire, you want to be certain that you have the money you need available to you to live comfortably.

The retirement calculator tool helps with that. It allows you to plan your retirement with your current earnings as the benchmark. You will be able to evaluate your savings plan and make adjustments to savings habits to be better prepared for retirement.


Buxfer helps you commit to your budget. It will track all of your expenses, upcoming bills, and spending habits. The tool helps your project your earnings and interest earned on savings in the future.

You can plug in short-term and long-term financial planning goals to keep you on track. You can even group your expenses into categories and even handle payments online in the system.

College Savings Calculator

This is another tool for parents planning education for their children. The tool takes the age of the child and formulates a tuition savings strategy based on anticipated tuition costs.

You can save money for your child’s education with the proper financial planning tools. Certain aspects of the plan can be customized.

Student Loan Hero

The Student Loan Hero tool allows you to track your repayment efforts in one interface. You can calculate your payments and run different scenarios based on your repayment goals. It can also help you personalize your repayment plan based on your financial circumstances. You can even track student loan interest deductions and potential savings for early repayment. The tool creates a strategy based on the information provided. It even highlights opportunities to consolidate and refinance.

Sometimes these financial planning tools can help you think long-term and focus more on the future. You are in a better position to save and plan when you can see a complete financial picture of where you stand at all times.

In not having to manually enter all of the information for your planning with some of the available apps, you can easily plug in your data and input information in on the go, saving you time.


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